Summer Regular Priced Items Sale - Up to 35% OFF!

【令你的夏日更出「飾」  ☀  優惠低至65折】


一件漂亮首飾,是女生夏裝的配搭必備,不論是簡約幾何、細緻花飾,抑或大自然等靈感,全都觸手可及!由即日至731 日,凡於POPPIS分店或網站購買正價貨品,最高更可享65折優惠!立即行動吧!😎


💖正價貨品 (K金及搪瓷首飾除外)*

  1. 購買2件正價貨品,即享85折優惠 (輸入Promo code: ex15%for2SUM20)
  2. 購買3件正價貨品,即享75折優惠(輸入Promo code: ex25%for3SUM20)
  3. 購買正價貨品滿$3800,即享75折優惠(輸入Promo code: ex25%for3800SUM20)
  4. 購買正價貨品滿$6800,即享65折優惠(輸入Promo code: ex35%for6800SUM20)


  1. 購買2件或以上正價貨品,即享85優惠 (輸入Promo code: ex15%for2kgemSUM20)   
  2. 購買正價貨品滿$3800或以上,即享85折優惠 (輸入Promo code: ex15%for3800kgemSUM20)


  1. 購物正價貨品,並於折扣後買滿$2200,可獲贈純銀字母吊墜一個 (價值$180)


1. 此優惠推廣期為2020年6月8日至7月31日(香港時間)
2. 此優惠只適用於、尖沙咀美麗華分店、尖沙咀LCX分店金鐘廊分店
3. 此優惠不能兌換成現金
4. 免費獲贈的飾品數量有限,送完即止
5. 如有任何爭議, POPPIS / POPPIS Limited 將會擁有此優惠的最後決定權


【Style up this Summer  ☀Up to 35% OFF】
Style up with the shimmering jewelry this summer ☀ and indulge in the design inspired by geometry, blossoms, the wonderful nature and more! From now to 31 July 2020, you can even enjoy special offer up to 35% OFF upon specified quantity or spending of purchase on regular priced items! 😎


💖Regular price items (Exclude karat gold and enamel items)*

  1. Receive 15% OFF with purchase of 2 regular price items (Enter Promo code: ex15%for2SUM20)
  2. Receive 25% OFF with purchase of 3 regular price items (Enter Promo code: ex25%for3SUM20)
  3. Receive 25% OFF with a spending over HK$3800 on regular priced items (Enter Promo code: ex25%for3800SUM20)
  4. Receive 35% OFF with a spending over HK$6800 on regular priced items (Enter Promo code: ex35%for6800SUM20)

   💖 Karat gold and enamel items*

  1. Receive 15% OFF with purchase of 2 regular price items (Enter Promo code: ex15%for2kgemSUM20)
  2. Receive 15% OFF with or a spending over $3800 (Enter Promo code: ex15%for3800kgemSUM20)

 🎁Free gifts

  1. Receive a FREE 925 silver alphabet charm ($180) upon a net purchase of HK$2200 after discounted on regular priced items;


Terms & Conditions Apply

  1. This promotion is valid from 8 June – 31 July 2020 (Hong Kong Time)
  2. This promotion can only be used at and at  Mira PlaceLCX and Lab Concept
  3. This promotion is not exchangeable for cash.
  4. Free gifts will be given out as first come first serve basis while stock lasts. 
  5. In case of any dispute, POPPIS / POPPIS Limited reserves the right of final decision.